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Pet Internal Medicine

An informed conversation about patient history and thorough physical exams may indicate the need for certain diagnostics. Should various endocrine or metabolic diseases be identified, your veterinary team at Lake Country is prepared to develop an individualized treatment plan to manage or slow the progression of disease.
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As previously mentioned, Lake Country has many useful routine diagnostic capabilities; however, there may be a time when your pet requires more robust advanced diagnostics, such as; CT scan, MRI, endoscopy, and full ultrasound. In this instance, we have relationships with several specialty centers in the area to whom we can provide referrals so that your pet gets the best standard of care.

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Pet Disease Management

Early detection and treatment of chronic disease are critical to helping your pet live a long, healthy life with your family. Early management of chronic or age-related conditions is less costly and risky than emergency treatment once the disease progresses. That is why at Lake Country, we recommend annual wellness exams to identify disease processes early, as well as, sick exam appointments for when you notice any changes in your pet. We work collaboratively with you to determine the best diagnostic approach and treatment plan depending on which body systems are affected and provide options that align with your needs while still meeting the standard of care.


Referral Capability

Your primary veterinarian will refer your pet to one of our referral services when a condition is particularly complex, when more than one disease is present, or when advanced technology is needed for treatment or diagnosis. We will work as part of your pet’s medical team, in conjunction with your specialist, to give your pet the best medical care possible.